On Route Control

Through our real-time recommendations we help your drivers to operate optimally, raising significantly the quality of the service.

Headway Control

High frecuency periods of the day require dynamic tools to maintain regular headways between buses. Our On Route Control Module includes a smart algorithm that delivers real-time recommendations to the drivers through an optimized interface in terms of the user experience and usability. Using BusAssist will help you to mantain regular headways between consecutive buses and reduce bus bunching, therfore increasing users satisfaction, reducing waiting times and enhancing the reliability of your operation.

Punctuality Control

During low frecuency periods informing the users about the scheduled times at each bus stop becomes very relevant. The On Route Control Module of BusAssist will let you fulfill the timetables through real time suggestions to the drivers which take into account the current operational conditions and suggest the drivers to go faster, to hold up or to mantain the pace.

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