Innovative and intelligent solutions for Public Transport

Our platform will allow you to visualize, monitor and take action on a daily basis. We are focused on helping you and your drivers and dispatchers to provide the best level of service

Fleet Management

Visualize where are your vehicles and be able to monitor your operations on real time

Smart Dispatching

Effortlessly dispatch your fleet and maximize your operational performance

On Route Control

Support your drivers with real time suggestions that will allow you to drastically improve your regularity and punctuality fulfillment

Sustainable Mobility

Offer your users real time information on the next arrivals at each bus stop and allow them to plan their trips with the best sustainable mobility alternatives

Transit in numbers


Vehicles connected


Fines reduction in Redbus Urbano


Cities with real time information

We have over 2.000 vehicles connected to our Fleet Management Software. With our support, Redbus Urbano was able to decrease its regularity fines in over 400,000 USD/year. Apata, our mobility app is operative in over 10 cities in Chile, providing transit users real time information.